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Wall/Slot 2000 LED Add to wishlist

LED perimeter system creates floating ceilings and vertical focus areas. VI Technology provides specification of output/wattage. Specifiable to 3" increments for maximum wall uniformity. Full family with straight runs, corners and extensions.

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Spec Sheets


IES Files

20L 4 CX 35K D02580T.IES

20L 4 CX 35K D030RAQ.IES

20L 4 CX 35K D035XJM.IES

20L 4 CX 35K D040AVH.IES

20L 4 CX 35K D0457J6.IES

20L 4 CX 35K D050LLP.IES

20L 4 CX 35K D055DMH.IES

20L 4 CX 35K D060QQT.IES

20L 4 CX 35K D065EY0.IES

20L 4 CX 35K D070NNA.IES

20L 4 CX 35K D075CSL.IES

Fixture Details


Dim-to-Warm;Tunable White

Features Benefits:

Lumen packages range from 250 lumens/ft to 800 lumens/ft;Input watts range from 4 watts/ft to 15 watts/ft;VI Technology allows specification in 50 lumen increments;Standard lens configuration optimizes efficiency of illumination;Optional internal parabolic reflector maximizes uniformity of illumination;Continuous, shadow-free wall lighting, even around corners;Simple installation using click-fit wall rail system;Select configurations are available on Litespeed Quick Ship for 10-day shipping see specification sheet or brochure for details;



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