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The Ratio Wall takes the contemporary form introduced with the Ratio Area and Ratio Flood products and adapts it into a complementary wall form. This versatile luminaire blends sleek lines and low glare optics with superior performance and a plethora of controls and emergency options. In addition to the standard product, a back box accessory as well as an integral back box option allow added versatility for mounting flexibility and added space for more options.

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Spec Sheets


IES Files

RWL1 48L 20 5K7 4WVXN.IES

RWL1 48L 25 3K7 3HRK.IES

RWL1 48L 25 3K7 4WOON.IES

RWL1 48L 25 4K7 3YVD.IES

RWL1 48L 25 4K7 4WC8S.IES

RWL1 48L 25 5K7 3TTX.IES

RWL1 48L 25 5K7 4WPZU.IES

RWL1 48L 35 3K7 36W9.IES

RWL1 48L 35 3K7 4WT6Z.IES

RWL1 48L 35 4K7 3U4B.IES

RWL1 48L 35 4K7 4WHF5.IES

Fixture Details

Features Benefits:

Compact size for mounting heights up to 15ft and spacing up to 75ft;Featuring Micro Strike Optics which maximizes target zone illumination with minimal losses at the house-side,reducing light trespass issues.;Visual comfort standard;Micro Strike optics in Type 3 and 4W distributions;Matching rectilinear form to the Ratio Family;Versatile mounting for multiple lighting applications;Large variety of wattages to target specific lumen outputs;Control options including photo control, occupancy sensing,NX Distributed Intelligence(TM) and 7-Pin with networked controls;



Color Temperature:

3000K @ 70 CRI;4000K @ 70 CRI;5000K @ 70 CRI



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