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LBD Series Constant Power Emergency LED Driver Add to wishlist

The Exitronix LED Backup Driver (LBD Series) is specifically designed to provide emergency lighting of LED fixtures with the loss of power. The unit's low-profile configuration makes the series suitable for most pre-installation and on-site applications

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Provides constant power output to the load during emergency mode operation; Can be operated as NORMALLY-ON, NORMALLY-OFF or SWITCHED LOAD; Universal 120-277VAC, 50/60Hz input; Charge/power "ON" LED indicator light and push-to-test switch for mandated code compliance testing; Long-life, maintenance-free, rechargeable NiCad battery; Output short/overcurrent protection: electronic limiting, with normal operation resuming upon removal of fault; Output classification: Class 2 Compliant; Surge protection: Per C62.41 (TVS); Input overcurrent protection: fusible link; From 800 to 2400 lumen output; Output Voltage 20-50VDC, 50-110VDC, and 100-220VDC (2.0A maximum, 50-110VDC and 100-220VDC only available in 17W); 24 Hour maximum battery recharge time; LED illuminated and remote mounted test switch; Injection-molded, engineering grade, 5VA flame-retardant, high-impact resistant thermoplastic in a black finish; Suitable for installation on top of a fixture; Can be remote mounted (up to 50'); Suitable for Field Installation; Suitable for Damp Locations 0C - 50C (32F to 122F); UL Listed; 5 Year warranty (Terms and Conditions apply)

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