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Alpha is More Than a Floodlight it is a revolutionary design that provides more than just architectural lighting. For safety, security, outdoor storage, car lots, and recreational sports activities, the Alpha Flood is the energy and maintenance efficient LED powered flood light to specify. Whether pole mounted, wall mounted or base plate mounted, the Alpha eliminates spill light and light trespass making it an ideal instrument for lighting commercial facilities in residential and urban settings. Additionally, the Alpha can be specified for aiming either below horizontal or above horizontal. The 6 standard NEMA beamspread options allow you to place light where you want it. Alpha IS precise. Alpha IS versatile.

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Spec Sheets


IES Files

AL X 24L 55 3K7 2X2 UNV1ST.IES

AL X 24L 55 3K7 3X5 UNVIRO.IES

AL X 24L 55 3K7 4X4 UNV5PB.IES

AL X 24L 55 3K7 5X3 UNVGHB.IES

AL X 24L 55 3K7 5X5 UNVMH1.IES

AL X 24L 55 3K7 6X6 UNVOQI.IES

AL X 24L 55 4K7 2X2 UNVW0D.IES

AL X 24L 55 4K7 3X5 UNVHIS.IES

AL X 24L 55 4K7 4X4 UNVRT3.IES

AL X 24L 55 4K7 5X3 UNVTTS.IES

AL X 24L 55 4K7 5X5 UNVMGH.IES

Fixture Details

Features Benefits:

6 standard NEMA beamspread options;Fully adjustable 135 degree knuckle, designed to mount on 2 3/8" to 3" slipfitter;LIFESHIELD thermal protection unit;3 different mounting options and 5 shield options;DLC (DesignLights Consortium) Qualified - see;


Black Matte Textured;Black Gloss Smooth;Dark Bronze Matte Textured;Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth;Graphite Matte Textured;Light Grey Gloss Smooth;Platinum Silver Smooth;White Matte Textured;White Gloss Smooth;Verde Green Textured

Color Temperature:

3000K @ 70 CRI;4000K @ 70 CRI;5000K @ 70 CRI



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