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The 623 recessed LED wall wash provides energy efficient light through a 4" aperture. An innovative approach for achieving an even wall illumination across the wall up to ceiling line. Our unique design delivers the best performing LED wall wash fixture on the market eliminating scallops while achieving even light distribution across the wall along the ceiling. The Legacy 622 Recessed Wallwash uses a Xicato LED Module for the best fixture-to-fixture color consistency available on the market of +/- 50 Kelvin. It is within 2 MacAdam ellipse for an INDUSTRY BEST SDCM of 2x1y with a DUV of only .001. Our color hold over time better than any other on the market and carries a 5 YEAR NO COLOR SHIFT WARRANTY. Wall washes are particularly important regarding color maintenance of LED as it is the most obvious when noticing color shifts or variances. Micro-prism directional optic for even spread illumination on the wall.

Manufactured By: Alphabet Lighting


New Construction, IC, ICAT, Chicago Plenum, Retrofit